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Namiiro Winfrey Denise


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Social work, communication and graphics design

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More knowledge on water, hygiene and sanitation issues, working with various people and better opportunities.

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I am a social worker by profession and by practice. I have worked in communities and for communities and schools. I have an over 8 years experience in this field. I have both oral and written trainings that I facilitate during my course of work. I can demonstrate most of my practical classes or training with hands on. I have experience working with people and for people of all classes, gender, statuses, tribes/cultures, political affiliations and religions. My field of work ranges from WaSH interventions, PLWHAs among others.

I wrote and presented a paper in the 40th WEDC international Conference, In Loughborough, UK, July 2017. The paper was titled “How to achieve improved WASH Services sustainability” on a theme of the year “Local action with international cooperation to improve and sustain water, sanitation and hygiene services.