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Derek Dale Bayquen


Project Overview

MedTourEx (Medical Tourism Excellence)

MedTourEx is an outsource marketing enterprise that aims to provide the best, most suitable and sustainable marketing strategies at a very affordable price governed by a penetration strategy. This will be accomplished by rooting our clients to the social media through a comprehensive website which will feature their medically-inclined products, services and needs. The target market will be foreign patients who opt to travel outside their origin country or local patients from a different city to get their medical needs at a cheaper rate, yet with uncompromised quality; doctors and medical practitioners whose service are valuable, but unrecognized, that it needs to be marketed through an outsource agency; hospitals and clinics which provide cheap and innovative medical services; medical material enterprises including insurance companies, laboratories, pharmacies, and other products suppliers which need a marketing agency to promote their items; hotels and dormitories that may provide a healthy living environment where the patients can stay while having their medical needs attended; academic institutions which could market their affordable rates, new course offerings, and where foreign students would want to study; convention halls and centers which would cater medically-related forums; and locally-renowned tourist destinations where patients can go to while staying for their medical treatment. The niche is to be the mainstream outsource marketing company that will bridge the catering of encompassing medical needs embedded into credible service channeled into individualization of customer needs. Our identity will be one of integrity and genuine first class service to our customers and the pioneer medical tourism association in the Philippines.

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