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public speaking, vocalist, real estate manager, leadership skills,

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Ideas and opportunities, capital

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i am 24 years old and a final year student of estate surveying and valuation, federal university of technology, akure, Nigeria. i am a good will activist, a social entrepreneur and also a leader. i have served in so many leadership capacity both within and out the university system. i am a Nigerian.

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Badusi Williams


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The major objective of DI-ARENA is to bring in both the young and elderly sport enthusiast under the same roof in a very conducive atmosphere and environment to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer and at the same time reliving themselves of stress and tension experienced during the days work. DI-ARENA aims to build a sustainable environment by building first a loving and healthy community and society. The activities include the showing of different matches from various leagues around the world in a high definition quality display to the satisfaction of the spectators coupled with the sale of snacks during matches. Over time, viewing centers have always looked dilapidated with total neglect of the environment where matches are being displayed. My aim is to provide a well-kept and furnished environment and a generally acceptable and conducive environment. I intend to introduce snacks such as popcorn during matches to enable spectators keep their eyes, heart and mouth busy during a football match. Incentives in form of free popcorn would also be given to individuals who pre-order their tickets 24 hours before the commencement of any match and the cost of tickets would be subsidized for those who purchase more than a single ticket in a day as this will encourage people develop interest in watching their teams play at DI-Arena. Before the commencement of any match spectators would be given an opportunity to vote for the match to be displayed via a projector screen as I intend to display matches not just with television set but also via projectors as this is yet to be practiced in my target market. Snacks would be made available outside the arena in the ticketing section to anyone willing to purchase it during a match.

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