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Diaz is a passionate nutritionist and leader by instincts. He is a student of Makerere University- Uganda where he has had his Bachelor of science in Human Nutrition. He has participated in numerous social activities; from reproductive sexuality health rights advocacy with Reproductive Health Uganda among the youth to social rights as a 9 year old U-reporter with U-report Uganda. As a mentor, he has attained mind education with International Youth Fellowship Association and participated in fostering mind education in other youths as the University association speaker. More similar, as a member and part of leadership of Peace Revolution Uganda, he has and is driving inner peace and personal development among the youth.
His social leadership instincts are again visible in him as a member of the global volunteers of Amnesty International who are visionary in creating social justice ever and saving lives.
He is an appreciated young entrepreneur, the Hondong University of South Korea prize for young entrepreneurs in Uganda inclusive.
His life dream is to create a stable full food basket and see the globe food insecurity and malnutrition free.

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