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University Biology Tutor, Secondary school Science Teacher and Musician

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Technical Mentoring, Access to investors, Collaboration and Pertenership, Experience, Seed funding

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An environmental enthusiast, former youth fellow, Educator and Artist. Upon completing his secondary school, Dick Mwera volunteered as a youth fellow at Plan International (Malawi). His participation in ”Youth Governance and Policy” project horned his skills in leadership and advocacy. But his lead role in the “Make-the-Link Climate Exchange” project opened his eyes to the quickly deteriorating state of the environment. Now a Bachelor of Education (Science) graduate from Chancellor College of the University of Malawi; with experience as a University Biology Tutor and a Secondary school science teacher; Dick Mwera plans on setting up a self-sustaining initiative of waste management. At the heart of the ”KIinenv” (Clean environment), are: SDG 13, SDG 7 and SDG 1 foreground with SDG 12 and SDG 3. Dick Mwera couples his university training and life experience with the SDGs to ensure a safer and cleaner environment for all, slowed global warming and economic empowerment. All this through one self-sustaining initiative; ”Klinenv”

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Dick Mwera


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