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Didar Ali


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An MBA-Marketing from Pakistan, a Diploma in Tourism Management from Salzburg Austria having years of experience in marketing, art and culture development, blogging, writing, and photography. promotion,

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financial backup to materialize this idea.

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I, Didar Ali is a native of Gulmit village of Gojal valley Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. For several years, I have dedicated myself to the preservation and promotion of Wakhi culture and language. After completing my MBA in Pakistan and a degree in Tourism Management in Austria, I returned to Gulmit and initiated a panoply of projects ranging from documentation of traditional Wakhi cuisines, designing of Wakhi language primer for schoolchildren as well as documentation of Wakhi folklores. As a Founder of the non-profit Mountains & People, I have been a leader in community tourism development, environmental protection, and development of modern employment opportunities for Wakhi youth through training in computer science and Internet marketing. I also received wide praise for the idea and work of Bulbulik Heritage Centre, which conserves and promotes traditional Wakhi music and dance, offering a safe place (despite strong taboos) for instruction of girls as well as boys. I am Fellow of Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research USA and Acumen Pakistan. Being a Wakhi advocate and cultural preservationist, I received the prestigious 2019 Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal, ICIMOD Mountain Prize 2019 for my efforts and services in the conservation of culture and nature in mountainous regions.