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Medical and pharmaceutical devices

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Establish a business in the Portugal and producing of medical devices and kits.I am looking for some body for support and cooperation

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I have 53 years old. Bs in Microbiology and MBA and Ph.D. in executive management. I have a private company in Iran since 2000 year and would like to establish a company in Portugal. I have more than 25 years of experience and establish my company in Iran in the 2000 year. I am teaching Business and marketing and sales and have long-term connections with American and European manufacturers. I can speak English(Advanced) and Germany(B1) and Arabic(Intermediate) and Persian(Mother language). I am a book writer too and have 7 books so far about Business and management and sales and Organization and opportunities and Behavior of business and Marketing. I know the market of medical and lab devices completely and know most of the applications and target markets. I am participating in the European Congress and exhibitions annually. I have very studied the market demands and making a business plan for this issue as well.

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Ali Didari