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Mohammad Divbandsoorati


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EyE+ : Let's see the world, smarter

There are a lot of interesting things about the world around us that we would like to know but we hardly get the chance to read about them in books, internet, etc. What if we could see this information tagged on interesting places around us and we could see them by just having a look through our mobile devices / smartglasses? Smartglasses are one of the emerging technologies and in near future great amount of people will see the world through these glasses. This gives us the opportunity to add information to our environment with virtual tags using applications on the smartglasses. For instance, Julia, a tourist in Athens, is interested in historical places. With our application, she will see the city from the historical perspective with tags about the historical places while Leon, who is an architect, will see another set of tags about the architecture of the city. This can be extended to cover the advertisements, as well. At the moment, it is possible to have targeted advertisements but only in some websites (e.g. Yahoo); however our application forwards the Ads to the interested users while they are in the real world environment (e.g. Shopping area). We believe that our idea creates positive changes with: Enhancing the education: because the information we provide for the users will help them to acquire knowledge about what interests them. Supporting the environment: as the virtual tags and Ads will replace the current large billboards and printed banners, etc. Therefore, the printed labels (Ads, building titles, etc) will not affect the architecture of our environments and we can help the cities to go green. All in all, our mission will be to let you see the world, smarter.

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