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I am a female social entrepreneur.I position women for equal access to; quality education,skill acquisition ,wealth creation, employment opportunities,safe work environments, participation in economic, religious,and social activities in their communities,freedom to make financial, health and social choices that affect them positively.

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I am a ‘sociopreneur’ who has an heightened passion to make a typical African woman self reliant and build a profile that positions them on a vantage point economically , financially , politically and socially capable to live life to its fullest.I am a crusader of empowerment programs and solution-driven initiatives that seeks to address burning humanity issues in the society.Upon this desire to elicit extra ordinary performance from ordinary people, was what brought about project other projects that i have been part of and WECAN -An initiative that officially started on the Facebook to unify and empower women .
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Omodunni Alawale