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I like working with ICT tools especially in the area of elearning. Read computer science with economics for my degree and this has set the pace for me. Nothing elates me more than using the vast knowledge of Technology which is readily available in today's world in making ends meet and doing more for the society in terms of increase in productivity. Likewise, I strive to pass down same knowledge to women and girls, boys if I get the opportunity. I pride myself to be experienced in the area of women and girls empowerment using ICTs.

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Investors, social entrepreneurs whose skills and ideas I can use on my project.

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I work presently with Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre, W.TEC, as the Technology Programmes Coordinator. It is an NGO that empowers women and girls using ICT tools in improving their lots.

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Modupeoluwa Darabidan


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HiTech Box Project

Main Objectives i. To give youngsters in rural communities the opportunity to have STEM education. ii. To add value to lives by creating an environment where youngsters can become innovators and users of ICT tools. iii. To help youths associate skills with wealth creation and how best to drivetheir initiatives to the world. Innovative Approaches: HiTech Box is an after-school project where boys and girls between the ages of 11 - 17, in secondary schools, can learn Computer Science and other ICTs in practical. The project is going to be basically hands-on as most schools in Nigeria especially in rural communities tend to teach a lot of theories in classrooms. - The students will have the opportunity of seeing, using and creating technologies they can associate with daily living e.g. computer basics - Desktop appreciation, GSM-mobile application and technology, web-based applications, animation programming - robotics, photography, graphics, video production e.t.c. - They will think out solutions to problems plaguing their community, and how technology can be used to solve these problems. - They will be taught to be actively involved in their communities using ICTs digital advocacy. Activities: Being a practical project, parents and schools will be encouraged to enrol students in the after-school project since they are not provided with such resources to run the needed curriculum in the schools. - The students will be started with CS unplugged curriculum where they will be introduced to computing without computers for starters. - For the next stage of learning, an elearning approach is employed. They will be taught using ICT tools. - The third stage of the project is to teach how the skills learnt can be translated into entrepreneurial skills. This project will not only create innovators but entrepreneurs for the society.

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