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Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Communication, Public Speaking, Program Reporting

I´m constantly looking for

Funding for LydiaRose's Initiatory (My renewable energy business idea), Internship with renewable energy companies in USA, Brazil, Indonesia & Malaysia. Also, I constantly look out for first class coaching on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Renewable Energy forms.

My profile

I am a purpose driven young woman with a passion for renewable energy and professional personal development.
Becoming a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur (African Entrepreneurship Program) in 2019 was the beginning of unlocking limitless opportunities in fulfilling my career goals. There are no limitations in fighting for what you believe in. I believe in Lydia Rose’s Initiatory, there will be no limitations for me because I have a relentless spirit in pursing my dreams to becoming my reality.

I am..

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Duru Uzochi Kosisochukwu