September 1, 2017 07:16

Hey Alina

Just read your idea, the same problem were facing Indian women in most part of the rural areas. I appreciate your effort and try to unite people on this subject in your area for your support.


Comment on: EDU-CELL
August 27, 2017 19:39

Hey Shuhra

Three Questions come to my mind after seeing your proposal:
(a) What is the main inspiration force behind you¿
(b) Is your idea applicable in other countries¿
(c) Have you read my proposal Aquatic suit¿


August 27, 2017 08:46

You are making a good move towards the society, zero hunger is possible if we come out and stand together and help the needy. I wishing you all the success in your project.

Best regards

Comment on: Connector Cover
August 27, 2017 08:24

Hey Seth

Thanks for your encouraging and wonderful words. One thing always remember that 'our most unhappy customers are our greatest source of learning 'Bill Gates.

Comment on: EDU-CELL
August 27, 2017 08:14

Hi Shuhra

This is a very impressive idea and it will surely be beneficial for all the young minds looking for an opportunity.
It looks promising and executable
Congratulations for all your efforts and for your project.

Good luck

Comment on: Aquatic suit
August 26, 2017 08:22

Hi Otaigo

They were not the problem they were the real usp of suit. Everyone can enjoy my suit after completion. There were no fixed targets. It just like astronauts suit, i reversed the mechanism for under water usage.

August 26, 2017 08:15

Hi Ajith

Good work you are saving a lot of time by inventing this. Reducing injuries, labour cost and electricity consumption also will be reduced. People can do other important work. Wish you success in your path.

Comment on: Green Space
July 13, 2017 06:45

As world is moving fast buildings,towers are constructing everywhere,jungles are cutting down to built a residence. So I like the way you see the nature atleast someone has to do the keep it up good job and I wish all the best for your future.

Comment on: Aquatic suit
July 10, 2017 11:15

My idea "Aquatic suit" was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Idea 2016 category. Please read my idea at and I would be happy if you support my idea with comments and votes!

You can also use this short link:

You can support my idea by
a) voting for it
b) commenting and giving positive feedback
c) tell your friends about it to do the same.

Thanks for your support!