• Edgar Edmund posted an update in the group Entrepreneurship Campus 4 years, 7 months ago

    i am planing to start a non profit organization that could help in eradicating plastic pollution and also diseases caused by plastic emmisions “if any one is intrested in supporting me please email me” MY EMAIL IS [email protected] or [email protected] i am from tanzania thanks for your support people togather we can make it.

    • @ Edgar,
      Is this the idea you are in this competition with? Or this is another idea of yours. Perhaps you could add a little more details to your idea that could attract people to your it. The idea sounds a great one, but if you could put this a little bit into a close concrete concept, I believe it will help you greatly as well as people who are interested in this area.
      I hope my comment helps.
      Thank you.

      • yes this is the project that I am in the competition with but like wise as I have said early I cant help the whole Africa alone I need support and there is where I thought there is a need of starting an organization

    • Good to know this is the same idea. I will look at it again and if I have some suggestions, I will make them known to you, ok?