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Human Resources and Administration Management

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Aid of 10,000$USD to complete the project which is now 85% completed

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My name is Ediclad Kihinja; I am 31 years old, I have a Diploma in Human Resources and Administration Management. I am among the TAYPA (Tanzania Annual Young Professional Award) 2016 finalist of alliance award in education category.
As a youngster a is was thinking of doing something great, something that can provide employment to my fellow youngsters, and something that can enlighten my fellow youngsters and society in general. I realized that to accomplish my mission I must have a team, I organized my eight fellow youngsters to join me and they accept and we form the Group with the name King Edick Group.
I am the founder and chairman of King Edick Group. The group has eight objectives, one of the objective is the Promotion and advancement of education in the country that aim to promote, establish, run, manage and maintain nursery primary and secondary schools, universities, education institution, college of arts, research science and information technology. Through this objective I wrote the college project with the name King Edick College of business and management education project.

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Ediclad Kihinja