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Am Human Resource Officer by profession, Have listening skills, counselling, and Teaching

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More knowledge, experience in entrepreneurship, and project management. If possible exposure and funds to make my Idea a success and impact people's lives positively in Tanzania

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“The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about”. My name is Edita Medard Tairo, 31 years old. Am a Tanzanian by Nationality and Human Resource Officer by Profession. I graduated my bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management at Mzumbe University by year 2012. Thereafter, I helped my parents in their business as Sales and Procurement personnel. In year 2014, I was recruited by Tanzania Bureau of Standards as Human Resource Officer. I worked for four years thereafter decided to join another organization to gain more experience and exposure in my profession. That was Tanzania National Parks which operates under Paramilitary System thus was required to attend a six months paramilitary training (December 2018 to May 2019) before beginning my official duties in May 2019. Thus am currently at Tanzania National Parks as HR and Administration Officer. Apart from my professionalism, I have written various papers, participated in more than 30 essay contests, in which I won some of them and was awarded accordingly. I have also been dreaming and wish to be of positive impact and help the world become a better place for everyone to enjoy life to the fullest. My email contact is [email protected] and phone number +255 718891570 or +255 0766880140

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