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Instructional designs and Animations

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I am Oyedele Temitope James, a Nigerian citizen born 13th May, 1991. I graduated from Physics department at the Federal University of Technology, Akure. After my graduation, I learnt motion graphics and animations as a means to explain difficult educational concept to the required.

I developed passion for the idea when I served my country last year as a teacher in a remote part of Country. As a teacher, I had no access to teaching guide and likewise teaching curriculum and I later discovered that this is the state of many schools in developing countries like mine in which students with low background have restricted access to quality education.

I suffered similar challenge as it took me 4years after my secondary school to gain admission for higher studies in the university. I see this as a major problem that needs to be solved. Since secondary school students uses smart phones and engage their spare time on social media doing almost nothing that contributes to their future; it will be a good idea to stir their interest in learning using the internet and in so doing, provide unrestricted access to quality education. I hope, I get this done.