September 10, 2018 14:53

Hey Dorcas Brown... Happy to discovered you also based in Ibadan where I based. I really will Love we connect and look well at the positivity of making our country Great again. You can send me information on how I can reach you.
Best regards

August 20, 2018 07:23

My Good Friend, Nawrath Minda! Big Congratulations as one of the top 10 for this 2018 competition. You have been everywhere throughout the competition and we definitely should be sure of your success. I Love your Spirit and idea. Congratulations Dear and Best regards!! :)

August 20, 2018 07:19

Wow! Onyema Stephen, fellow Nigerian... This is Beautiful and lovely. I Love your spirit and passion. Congratulations for emerging as One of the winners for the finalist. We are Nigerians and we Stand! I am Happy :)
Please accept my sincere congratulations Brother!

Comment on: Cardio vision
August 20, 2018 07:14

Almost everytime I come to your idea either to vote or make comments. I smile for I am always happy with such an idea as yours. This is wonderful. On this note, I say Congratulations, my very good friend! Together we made it :)

Comment on: UPCYCLERS
August 20, 2018 07:11

Neema Iddi Mti, my fellow African. It is lovely that we are together here in this competition and I am Happy you made it through to the finals. Congratulations Dear and please let's get to work to see that our ideas materialize... Best regards!

Comment on: Water Watt
August 20, 2018 07:07

My oh My! Congratulations Shadi Alzu'bi for pushing it this far and for becoming a standing success. I hope to see the fulfilment of your idea in few moment from now.
Congratulations Friend!!

August 20, 2018 07:04

Lalit sorout, I must confess that you have been a major motivation and guide for me in the last days of the competition and I am not surprised you made it to the finals. Congratulations Friend. I believe this your idea will contribute to sustainable development in few times from now. Please accept my sincere Congratulations!!

Comment on: DocPat Helper
August 20, 2018 07:00

Naman Goyal, the Doctor Patient Helper as I do call you :). We have spent wonderful times together during this competition and I am Happy to see you are one of the winner. Thank you for the idea and thanks for choosing to contribute to the well being of people. Best regards from me... Congratulations!!!

Comment on: Save Vriksha
August 20, 2018 06:57

Congratulations Yeshwanth Vakati Ramesh!! Yes! Tress needs to be saved and we also need a proper health condition for the people. Thank you for your idea and congratulations for making it to the finals... Please accept my sincere congratulations!!

August 20, 2018 06:52

Hello fellow Kratika gupta! As would be expected that you emerge Winner. I am so Happy and elated that we are in the business of making the world better. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cherish your idea and I believe in it's fulfilment in few time from now. Please accept my sincere Congratulations!!