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Xianyang Qinhua Specail Electronic Component Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture of high quality resistors for a wide range of industrial, Military, Medical, Railway, Control System and etc.
It was established in June 12, 2000, located in Xianyang Century Avenue Tsinghua Science Park North, has developed into a professional special resistance and resistance cabinet manufacturers.
The company’s main products:
RI high pressure glass glaze resistors:
RIG8B, RI80A, RI80P, RI40A, 5 models of 140 specifications, power 0.5W to 500W, the resistance can be done 0.5 ohm – 100G Europe, 500w power limit voltage to 240KV.RXG1, RXG1, RXG2, RXGN, RXFD more than 10 kinds of models, more than 300 kinds of specifications, power 1W to 5000W, the resistance of the RX20, RX24, RX24, RXH, RXG-300D / 600D, RXG1, RXG1B, RXG2, RXGN, Value of 0.1 to 30 kilohms, there are glaze type, was paint type, aluminum shell type, porcelain shell type.
Water – cooled resistors:
SL – I / II / III oxide film – type water – cooled resistors, SL – RX wire wound water – cooled resistors, RPS – type water – cooled resistors three models, more than ten kinds of specifications, after cooling single resistance Power up to 33kw power
High voltage power cabinet:
5-200kw, sub-air-cooled and oil-cooled type, according to user requirements, with temperature sensor, level sensor, electronic digital form, wind pressure switch, communication interface,Ultra-high power AC load resistance: high power, high load power density, stand-alone capacity, in the ultra-high power test can also run parallel to achieve tens of megawatts of power load. Accurate data, the use of high-precision data acquisition modules and measuring instruments to ensure data reliability. Flexible control methods, depending on the use of different habits, you can choose a variety of control methods, you can use the local control panel operation, but also through software to achieve intelligent control. Intelligent loading, set the generator in the software rated power and other parameters, you can quickly through the preset proportion of stowage, but also for multiple power values of the automatic continuous loading, fast to achieve step, full load, overload and other common Testing, improve work efficiency. Efficient data management, the system can display real-time test data, automatically generate tables, graphs, but also the data storage, at any time query, improve data management efficiency. Comprehensive protection function, the system has overheating, short circuit, fan and other multiple protection functions, in case of dangerous situations, the automatic termination of testing and alarm, protection personnel and equipment safety.
Stable operation, to the latest generation of control module as the core, greatly enhance the system response speed and anti-jamming performance, to avoid complex electrical environment, functional failure, to ensure stable and reliable system operation.
December 2010 the company through the new era of certification center GB / T19001-2008 / ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. Built two laboratories, the product performance test, improve the reliability of the resistor.
High voltage test chamber: AC-0-75kv DC0-105kv current 100mA high pressure test system, oxide film ultra-high frequency resistors simulation test bed, the output pulse voltage 0.5-5KV continuously adjustable pulse output power “= 500KW, pulse width 4.2 us, pulse frequency 50HZ, 100HZ, 150HZ, optional.
High current test room: with 20KV1A, 10KV2A, 1KV20A, 100V250A and 120A / 250V continuous adjustable sophisticated test system; water-cooled resistor water cycle test system; oxide film thermal resistance sorting resistance system; 30KV pressure tester A large number of large-capacity high-voltage test equipment with the industry advanced level.
The company has 10 full-time engineers team, the basic theory of solid practical experience. For the world’s top 500 customers Schneider Electric, Rockwell, the United States Jabil offers high-quality custom special resistor accessories for 5 years. For the domestic electrical and electronic, environmental protection electrostatic precipitator high-frequency power supply, power electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, trade, wiring harness, electronic components industry support, large-scale security quarantine inspection and accelerator and isotope industry, medical imaging, high voltage power, power technology, High-speed soft start, automatic control industrial control, textile equipment, radio transmitter (false load), medical equipment ct, machine tool industry, electrical drive, railway signal electronic control, electronic systems engineering, switching technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences System University. Cross industry 23 industry, 800 enterprise customers.
2012 established the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the products are exported to the United States, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, Denmark, the Netherlands, South Korea, Brazil, Chile and more than 20 countries.

Our Mission: for all customers, for all customers, all for the customer.Water Cooled Power Resistor suppliers