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Elias Avalos


Project Overview

Cricket Cookies

The main objective of my idea is fight against malnutrition all over Mexico, by creating healthy snacks with a high protein level and fortified with several minerals such as iron and zinc. I will personally be developing these products using crickets as the key ingredient, in fact I already developed a cookie which is now well known in Mexico and it has shown good acceptance among the audience. The reason because I chose crickets is that these insects are a very good source of protein that could be equivalent or even better than the traditional ones, such as meat or chicken. Developing high protein snacks based on crickets is also environmental friendly, this is because if you use insects as your source of protein you could be reducing global warming taking in to consideration the fact that the bovine cattle produces 20% of the green house gasses. Besides, it is cheaper to have insects farms rather than others of bigger animals because you reduce cost in space and food. The project that I have on mind right now involves a complete concept because I pretend to create a social business in which the product will be sold to people who are worry about a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability and part of the revenues would be taken to develop a program in which the same products will be distributed in vulnerable areas so the nutrition of the young generations is guaranteed. Furthermore it is intended to create cricket farms so jobs could be generated in vulnerable communities and several conferences about self administration and health will be given in order to encourage people to improve their lifestyle.

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