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Cocox green

The main objetive is to create environmental awareness in the mexican children and prepare them for the future. Cocox green is going to be a environmental education center that will offer workshops of hydroponics, fruit trees plantation, butterfly breeding, recycling and composting. The hydroponics workshop comprise the basic principles of growing plants without soil and the health, ecological, and economic advantages of do it. In the fruit trees worshop they will learn what kind of trees they can plant and the cares they need. In the butterfly breeding i will teach them the main characteristics of the butterflies (life cycle, ecological importance, the plants they like to eat and in which they like to put their eggs and how to take care of them). After, I will give them a caterpillar with their respective plant and a short handbook for the correct cares for them. Here the idea is the kids get known the full cycle of life of this animals, learn to take care of other living being, and learn the value of the liberty for them and every living being.The third is optional and consists in the installation of a butterfly farm in the school, private or public garden. In the composting they will learn how to separate organics and inorganics garbage, make a simple composting and how to obtain the fertilizer for the garden. In the recycling they will learn how to make usefull things or art with garbage,as well as the importance of been a concious consumer.

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