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I have experience in Advocating for the youth and teenagers. I also have skills in Communication and marketing learnt through various workshops held for grass-root Community Based Organizations .As a physical planner I am familiar with research and mapping. I believe that when solving a problem, gap, issue, you need to start at the grass root level and ensure those affected are aware that they have problems that need solutions and those solutions should come from them because they know and have ideas and resources that can help at some point.

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Lack of information and proper education on matters sexual reproductive health rights is a major challenge and barrier. Creating awareness and providing educational tools is necessary to succeed in helping these girls and young women. Most teenagers and young women are not aware that having sexual reproductive health commodities is their right and they not need to pay so much for a natural process. A platform in which we can actively have meaningful engagement with the girls would be a welcome resource. Providing educational tools will also be welcome as well as training and equipping some of the young women with advocacy skills to create a sustainable environment for the girls and continued dissemination of policies and laws that protects their rights.

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I am a graduate from the University of Maseno, Kenya, with a bachelor’s degree in urban and regional planning with IT. I have worked professionally for two years in the nonprofit sector. Working as a youth advocate and mentor for a community based organization she founded, I empower young women especially those in the rural areas on sexual reproductive health and rights. I also work with various grass-root organizations to create awareness on sexual reproductive and mental health. Previously I worked as a research assistant for the UN Habitat and AMREC Consultants and I have applied the skills on research for current research in solving the gaps inn sexual reproductive health and rights. I enjoy working and empowering young people to change their lives for a positive and bright future. I have gained skills on research, project and team management.

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Elizabeth Odero