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I am an accountant and very passionate entrepreneur .A business blogger and the owner of a confectionery company called Daisy’s Sweet Treats, Equipment rental company JUELS and founder /managing Director of Dream Innovation Centre for
Entrepreneurs (DICE) .I believes Africa’s economic growth relies in the growth of the SMEs who are a significant contributor to Africa’s annual Revenue. The rise in unemployment rate among the young people and poverty moved me to start DICE. I saw how easy it was to use skill and talent to make money.

I am currently a student of CIMA professional accounting to become a Chartered accountant and studying a course with Harvardx Entrepreneurship course in Emerging Economies. I have 6 years working experience. I worked as an assistant Management accountant for Exagris Africa before quitting jer job to become full time Entrepreneur. I worked part time as a Finance manager for Lake of star and Booking keeping freelancer for other small businesses.

I also volunteer as a bookkeeper for non profit making organisations. I was moved to start DICE by the current condition of my country Malawi which was named the most poorest nation though we are a peaceful nation with lots of natural resources.We don’t have excuses to fail in sustaining
ourselves, Talk of malnutrition,low quality education ,low quality health care services and high rates
of unemployment etc, these are all because of our over dependency on aid which has slowly brought
down economic growth and affected people’s mentality and increased corruption. Young people ,graduates to find jobs .I believe in the country’s
economic growth though social entrepreneurship ,I am taking a stand to be a part of this change by
establishing my own enterprises and helping others to do the same.

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Elsie BwM