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Research, proper review, analysis and documentations of key activity report and organizational processes • Awareness creation through community outreaches and dissemination of research and report findings • Identification and document lessons learned, case studies and promising practices • Community mobilization and Staff and project team training • Clarification of project information needs and proposing strategies to increase data collection, processing and data use; • Conducting Data Quality Assessment (DQA) and implement DQA recommendation. • Develop action plans, tools and data collection procedures including performance tracking tools, indicators, data flow charts, and M&E manuals. • Structured training and support to Project Teams on various approaches to properly capture, consolidate, report and archive data regarding program performance; • Analytical with strong quantitative and qualitative skills • Design and implementation and Evaluation of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems • Strong monitoring,

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Entrepreneurial training and finance

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I have an entrepreneurial dream of creating a chain of employment and empowering my community on financial management. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development from Egerton University with an Upper Class Honors and B- grade at KCSE level; proficient in monitoring and research with specificity in data analysis by use of SPSS (statistical package for social sciences) and Microsoft Excel data analysis packages for quantitative data analysis evidently proving my proficiency in computer applications. I boast of excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills qualifies me for the educational and technical and soft skills.

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