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Project management skills,International marketing and relationship skills gainned from International leadership centered organization called AIESEC,

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seed capital and mentorship

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My name is ELYSE HABUMUKIZA. I am 25 years old, I was born and raised in Rwanda . I am an entrepreneur with a springboard to success. Founder and CEO of Ingabe yacu company in rwanda, Graduated in College of Agriculture Animal sciences and veterinary medecine,
Vp Incoming Global Community Development Program manager of Aiesec- Rwanda.
The business was initiated in september 2015, and i and my co founder got successfully selected among 1000Young Enterpreneurs who can transform Africa in TEEP 2016. By the time i am now getting mentorship about business, we awarded also the certificate of higher achiever in DOT-Rwanda and MicroEnterprise at my college CAVM.
some achievements are:
Product is marketable to hospitals and health centers, to treat children and pregnant women, in refuges camp for future plans. The product is a strong solution to malnutrition and is becoming more popular in local community.

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