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Emil Rosengaard


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I like sports a lot and I am good at speaking with people

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I traveled a lot to other countries with my mother. Meeting new people and learn about cultures and gain a lot of experience are the main part that leads to my succes

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Innovative Development Center

A lot of people wants to get fit, but training alone is very boring for a lot of people, thats why we have fitness centers which became quite popular as they are almost everywhere. My idea builds on the same concept by getting people to do something they normally would not do alone. Innovative Development center is for everybody who have an idea and wants to build something. The people can discuss their ideas, form a team or even want to join another persons idea. The center will provide guideness and help, example: How to use designing programs, knowlegde about electronics and helping supplying materials for the projects, ect. 1-2 times a year there will be an exhibition where people will show their projects/ideas in a big hall to the public. This company will polish and help building peoples ideas or wishes(This is a prototype of my idea, a more detailed version will come later)

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