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Awejan Emmanuel Njeck is a Cameroonian of origin.
He had his four years Bachelor degree at the faculty of engineering and technology of the University of Buea, with a major in Electrical and Electronic engineering and specialize in telecommunication system engineering, and he is currently enrolled at the master level for which he is reading Telecommunications and Network engineering. He is dedicated and determined and when given task to accomplish, he does all his best to accomplish the task on time.
Awejan is a community oriented somebody. With one of the global issues which the world is facing today, that is “climate change”, he thought it wise to bring youths together so as to put in place an NGO known as GoGreen Technologies (gogreentechnologies.org) which has as main aim to fight against climate change. With the digitisation of economy system of the world and the fast development of some African countries, he is certain that for his country to attain the development level of other countries the youths of his country must takes productive actions towards development. With regards to this, he thought it wise to put in place an enterprise known as FEXIFY (fexify.com), a software Enterprise that bring some potential and skilful youths of his country together so as to work and help the country integrate the digital economy with ease and help it develop also.
Due to his leadership and interpersonal skills, he has occupied top positions in some NGOs and Movement such as being Local Community president of AIESEC Buea, Director of programs at the United Nations Student Association of Buea, Coordinator of the Buea Lay private teachers Association, Organiser of fight against climate change on behalf of Fossil free community in Buea.

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Awejan Emmanuel Njeck


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