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Entomology, Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Conservation, Maintenance and Sustainability Model Developer, Theologian

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People who are ready to use their innovative ideas to help the poor, passionate about livelihood improvement for the rural poor and creative

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First of all i am a Christian and a very humble and devoted one. I love the principles of the bible calling all together irrespective of religious background to improve the livelihood of people. being each others keeper to grow together.
i have two BSc Degrees: BSc in Biological Sciences (Entomology and Wildlife) and BSc in Theology( Biblical Studies).
the Foundation or doctrine of theology is what inspires me to engage in Biodiversity and Environmental Works. And also it also give me a sense of responsibility to to improve on the livelihood of the poor in the community. it is our duty to support the weak and unfortunate people in the community with no strings attached. that is being human.
This mentality has always been a burden in my heart to come up with credible, practicable and feasible solutions that are sustainable to basic problems in our society. these solutions i have designed are not complicated solutions but a clear cut one but usually multi-faceted to bring a comprehensive real doable and direct impact solutions.

My Central theme which is a key to Sustainable Development is what i have termed as Independent-Dependency Model.
Every workable sustainable solution should follow this model

Received citation from Golden Star Mining Company for leading about 18 youth into turning an illegal Waste Dumping Cite into a Recreational Facility.http://www.masuafrica.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/360-degree-Waste-To-Recreation.png
i became a trainer in training the youth in Community First Aid. Trained about 19 youth and they became certified First Aiders in My Community
Designed a school fee paying Model for private schools in Ghana to improve access and quality education in our local community where poverty is prevalent.

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Emmanuel Douglas Turkson


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