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Emmanuel Muntanga


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Technical and professional expertise to coach and mentor me in: Strategic Management, Business Development, Business Proposal Writing Skill, Fund Proposals, Business Pitch Presentation.

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Emmanuel, an enthusiastic strategist with a passion for entrepreneurship and development. He is alumni of the Challenges World Wide exchange program and Alumni International Citizen Service (ICS) for the British-Zambia Volunteers. Co-Founder of MySolarBox, Founder member of Arise Africa, With over 8 years of combined work experience from different fields i.e. social community development, financial enterprise and cooperate entities, He has participated in the development and pioneering of the first-ever PAYGO solar company in Zambia, he has consulted varies SMEs and designed and developed operating procedures. Emmanuel has also attended consultancy training by the Chartered Management Institute CMI UK, He is vested with a deep understanding of business support and setting of startups with a long-range of high-level planning and organization he has continued to pursue professionalism in overall business development.

He also has conducted and facilitated energy entrepreneurship training for solar around Zambia, to over 2000 participates which have been graced with his expertise, these participate own small personal business of which 89% are also farmers, he went further to conducted sales force effectiveness training for peri-urban and rural farmers, giving them materials for best farming practices and solutions that they provide in their communities, He has previously volunteered to conduct training lesson at a community skills center in his community, to tutor and coach young youth those that graduated from high school without much skills and resources to advance their studies.