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OKECHUKWU Emmanuel is a marketing manager for a fashion house, with experience in managing small and multi- million- dollar brands. His background in corporate identity and visual design helped sharpen his passion for business.

His undying passion for entrepreneurs have fueled his ambition; though considers himself ‘open minded,’ and eager to both build on his academic foundations in marketing and business management to stay in tune with latest digital marketing strategies.

Emmanuel’s determination to see business start ups thrive has led him to build marketing campaigns that contributed to the success stories of several small businesses. In Eateries, Retailing, confectionaries & ice Cream, fashion etc.
Having played a pivotal role in the growth of multi national brands like P&G Festac, Equity Bank, David’s Couture. etc Emmanuel is currently working as a freelance marketing & corporate identity design manager and he believes that we can achieve whatever the mind can dreams of.
Emmanuel has a dream that one day Africa will take the lead in Palm Oil cultivation and processing

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