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Musician, Vocal Coach, interior Exterior Designer, Painter, Wall Screeder, P.O.P Designer, Construction Engineer, Business And Music Promoter, Even Planner And More

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I was born to a family of four 3boys 1girl and I’m the last child of Late Mr Alfred Okotete, who hails from Egini town in Udu local government area of Delta State, I’m a born singer, and always the first in my class and the class prefect too, when I began to grow I discovered that I was shy so when I finished my secondary education I decide to journey to Yenagoa Bayelsa State through the help of a friend, I know i will be great but had to break that yoke of being shy, I started living there it was not easy but I endured and started construction job as an help and labour worker for two years it was like that then I got an opportunity to start working for a painter in Government House Bayelsa State as a wall screeder I wasn’t doing well because I was still learning how to do it then when the project was over, I started doing anything I could get my hands on and labour work one note then I met a Togo man name Mr Innocent who does painting p.o.p ceiling and wall Screeding he now started let me work for him as I was working I was mastering the job then I now got an offer to work for The Crown Prince of Opume in Ogbia Local Government Bayelsa state the son to the King A.J Turner who was a close friend to the then President of Nigeria, His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and I did the job so perfectly, they now had a job in Government House Bayelsa and I was told to work there from there I meet an Engineer that change the whole story Engineer Ejiofor the in-law to the former deputy governor Bayelsa State His Excellency Navy Captain John Jonah we did two projects together, As I was working I’m the type that obsessed with the social medias I created my profiles online and look started shining on me my LinkedIn, Twitter profile was booming and every one in the world started hearing about me all this time I was developing my self also musically so an opportunity now came for me when I worked for a friend called Mr Preye he now told me about
the offer in Malaysia, the job was connected through my LinkedIn profile, I never went for it because my phone was stolen in Lagos I friend told me of an offer there but the man took my phone from me and I couldnt get the man any more that alone was a major turning point in my life now a lot of this has happened some good a lot of bad ones too but the worse is over and im into bigger things now that require alot of money to fund it that my success story ones again im Alfred Oghenetega Emmanuel by name a.k.a Emmizunik C.E.O Emmiz-Alfred Enterprise, I’m a promoter, Business innovative consultant, International Humanitarian And Good Will Ambassador, International Armnesty Ambassador, International Peace Ambassador, International Ambassador on Political Matters, International Tech Ambassador, Musician, International transformation Ambassado

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