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Biogreen-Feeds AG

Biogreen-Feeds AG will use simple, affordable, serviceable and locally sourced technology to convert domestic and agricultural wastes to animal feed, crop feed (fertilizers), and soil amendments. Main objectives: Strengthen partnership by collaborating with Union of Sewage sludge Haulers and National Butcher¬ Association to secure constants SUPPLY of raw materials with no requirement for down payment before delivery. We will also partner with National Union of Road Transport Workers to improve distribution to costly-to-reach and inaccessible road networks. Minimize production cost by using accessible and serviceable machines like the basic concrete mixer and pepper and tomato grinder for production, rather than acquiring patents or installing imported machines that may become redundant when experts return abroad. Educate stakeholders on importance of using our products by partnering with Fertilizer and Feeds Suppliers Association of Nigeria and other similar agencies to use their decades of clients database to highlight the rich and social value of using recycled products as this will improve customer relations. Propositions and Key Activities: Biogreen-Feeds will offer threefold value propositions: (1); providing an environmentally friendly alternative to discharge waste by converting them to plant and animal food source, we (2); provide doorstep delivery and (3); nutrient content alteration which is a value added move to discard need for purchasing other additives, like pesticides, soil texture amendments and others. Biogreen-Feeds Ag will achieve knowledge of the market place by consolidating partnership with sales agents and distributors because they usually have direct contact with customers, producers and importers. Also give incentives when they convince clients to purchase our products instead of the competition with they may also stock. Biogreen-Feeds will be sold by contract marketers with responsibility to search new clients, sell products and convince old clients to repeat purchase; they will be compensated per customer referred to cut payroll cost.

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