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I am an emerging entrepreneur, community reformer, business developer, global change marker and the Founder of the Youth Lens Hub, the first techno-rural based platform for entrepreneurs and startups. Located in Alebtong, Uganda the hub equips youth and women in rural areas with business skills, financial management skills and guaranteeing them with affordable loan in support of their micro enterprises. I have over five years experiences in microfinance, business consulting services by offering one-on-one coaching, mentorship programs, online courses. Since rural youth and women are particularly affected by unemployment, with rates reaching up to 70%, Youth Lens Hub creates a youth-focused program to harnesses this potential by adapting to the needs and desires of striving rural youth and women entrepreneurs. I am building a rural entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uganda by encouraging youth and women to follow their passion and bridge the gap between fear and reality. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and have carried out more than 5 major studies in entrepreneurship, small enterprise, have published 3 research papers on these subjects. Currently serves on the boards of organizations involved in development work including Gum Microfinance (Chairman), Alebtong Rural Youth Association (Vice-Chairman).

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