Comment on: Pure Honey Uganda
August 6, 2019 06:57

We are in the world of inquisitiveness, minds come to work with people around. Still we have a journey like the mystery we have to get it done one by one; come together, support one another take the initiative to a different level so that we can base on that fact. Eg I love to travel because I feel am lost in the world of adventure, adventure not for just anything but for prosperity. Thanks for all the comments and I have tried to check most of the businesses and support them at my reach.

Comment on: Pure Honey Uganda
July 26, 2019 13:55

Thanks for the great words. I believe we can chane the world through what we are made of, The Pearl..Pure Honey is a very wonderful engagement that its dream is to alleviate poverty in a sector that is greatly despite and no proper reglations, standard put unto it..I lov the idea that you have in place too. Thanks