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to be part of global efforts using social enterprise for social development; bringing along my natural and acquired ability


My primary focus is creating economic activities, jobs, wealth, empowerment, social interventions and happiness, with self-amazing passion for social enterprise for social development and possible global outlook.

My delivery is simply for easy understanding.

With extensive primary experience in social interventions (particularly social enterprise for social development) and natural and acquired experience in happiness, media, writing, integrated marketing communications, systems processes and procedures conceptualization, design, development and management in domains of highly complex and mission critical solutions deployed in Business and Community development. Social Enterprise for Social Development is my primary channel of networking with thousands of persons (especially young people), NGOs, Corporations, Governments and International Organizations engaged in social interventions.

My challenges has been in conceptualizing, designing, developing and managing process and procedure development and pursuing innovation in high and/or new tech environment. I am able to integrate different types of products, ideas and technologies for the purpose of innovative developments, always looking for a “yes” where most are not thinking of, have seen very little possibilities or have said “no” to.

From a humanistic development perspective, it is my challenge to fit (alternative) technology to develop new solutions to achieve information, education, entertainment and empowerment for improvement of organizations, communities and persons.

With a preference to deal with challenges at concrete level, I combine creative and analytical points of view.

Open and direct in my communication.; I enjoy teamwork as a motivation and driving force.

Some of my personal strategies to cut into the concept of developing society for common good are to constantly keep – abreast with latest trends by being educated, informed and seeking other forms of empowerment. I have always sought (in the face of multitude of challenges) to be close to governments, organizations (CSOs), corporations leaders and decision makers, as well as business people by being active, more so proactive, socially (applying my natural and acquired skills to my hobbies and passions at a level to be seen in the social network with well thought out strategies, connecting with like minds to achieve prosperity for the society), educationally (attending worthwhile short courses, workshops and seminars that would further develop my work and wealth creation – potential – abilities), locally (by engaging, through my company or personally, in initiatives that would inform, educate, entertain and empower people) and any other strategies that I consider to have the ability to bring about positive change, especially to my developing community, Nigeria.

FULL-TIME (2003-Date)
• FCCSWA (Family Children and Community Social Workers Association): SOCIAL ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE in Nigeria- Consulting National Coordinator
– Engaged in establishment of social enterprises for social development like Wadoe Hotels Asaba, KPR Restaurant/Takeaway Asaba, Steffany’s Place London, Coopers Arms Pub London, The Waterfront Pub London, Naijacentric Foods, Igbanke Women Cooperative, Pasali Community Cooperative Abuja, Ice Cream Hawking Nigeria
• MASUD COMMUNICATIONS LTD, Consulting Editor-Crystal Times (Newspaper)
• THE MACE NEWS/NASS Consulting Editor-at-Large National Assembly
• LAWQUEST Juriscope (you and the law magazine) Editor-in-Chief

Youth service, mandatory-1989-90NYSC, Ministry of Justice, Benin-City Bendel (now Edo) State.
My responsibilities included legal drafting and advocacy.
fulltime-1991-98DAWN FUNCTIONS LIMITED. Started as trainee Clients Services Executive and left as Group Head, Business Development.
Dawn Functions is a fully integrated marketing communications company with independent operations from Enugu, Portharcourt and Lagos.
fulltime-2/2/98-’02KALAMAZOO SECURITY PRINTS (NIGERIA) – now Superflux International Limited. Head, Business Development and Logistics.
Kalamazoo is a security printing company.
fulltime-1/7/02-’10/10/03VALUCARD NIGERIA PLC (now Visa International Nigeria). Senior Manager. Valucard was Nigeria’s largest transactions processing company.
freelance-2003-’09DATUM AUTOMATION LIMITED. Country Manager Nigeria
Datum is a UK based company engaged in the design, production and maintenance of personalization machines for telecommunications and financial sub-sectors, particularly, scratch cards and smartcards. The company also produces and stocks spare parts for its industry-interests machines.
freelance-TRUMPET NEWSPAPERS. Columnist/Director Special Projects
The Trumpet Newspaper is the largest circulating Black publication in the UK
freelance-BRANDS AND PRODUCTS MAGAZINE. Director Special Projects
Brands And Products Magazine (now M2) is a brands journalism Magazine

St. Michaels Primary School Umuahia-1975
Methodist College Uzuakoli-1980(WASC)
Government College Umuahia-1984(HSC)
University of Nigeria Enugu Campus-1988(LAW) LLB.Hons
Nigeria Law School, Lagos-1989

Accounting for Non-Accountants (Don Mitchell Limited, NIGERIA)
Electronic Money: The Use of Bankcards (Lagos Business School, NIGERIA)
Total Quality Management (Lagos Business School, NIGERIA)
Application of Security Labels (Desmedt, BELGIUM)
Marketing and Sales of Security Prints Documents (FCO, FRANCE)
Marketing and Sales of Security Prints Documents (Tall Group, UK)
Marketing, Sales and Designing of Security Prints Products (Aluset Security Prints, UK)
Marketing, Sales and Engineering Support for Datum Products (Datum Automation, UK)
Computer Literate/Hands-on Apps (Video Editing, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, CorelDraw, PageMaker, Social Media Enhancer etc)
Badge Certificate in Opportunity Identification, (Social Enterprise Institute, Canada)
Level 2 National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders, UK.
Certified Solar Installer Professional, Gennex/Canadian Solar

* I initiated the concept of the first bank cheque guarantee card in Nigeria, Easy Card operated by UBA.
* I initiated and co-designed the ticketing system for FIFA Under 21 Championship in Nigeria tagged “Nigeria ‘99”. Co-designed, marketed, developed and executed.
* I conceived, co-developed and managed a marketing tool for customer retention and creation known as “ValuVoucher”. Co-designed and managed the tool
* I co-brain stormed and Coordinated the ground breaking initiative to bring solutions to Lagos traffic problems through “Solutions to Lagos Traffic Jam” initiative.
* I initiated and coordinated the establishment and launch of Schools Road Safety Club in Lagos State. Coordinated the interests groups gathering, the various institutional inputs, the marketing, workshops, collation and distribution of the communiqué.
* I initiated, an African community in the UK support for the London 2012 Bid for the Olympic Games by getting participating African restaurants in London to merchandise their outlets and give out free food to customers at certain times in their various restaurants during the period of the Olympic Games Evaluation Committee’s visit to London.

• Independent Research for the development of an independent international loyalty scheme that would help drive social enterprises for social development; applying technologies that would include print and electronic media, internet, POS terminals, scratch-cards, smart-cards etc.
• Author of the book – The RealDeal
• Author of the published article – Solutions To Piracy In Nigeria
• Facilitator, Resource Person, Volunteer to CSOs (NGOs) like ChildVoice (National Coordinator), Equity Advocates (Gender On The Balance), UNWomen, African Centre For Leadership, Strategy And Development, Family Services International, London Social Works, All Access Africa, Women’s Health and Education Development, Country Women Association of Nigeria, Management Services for Africa, Nigeria Diversity Network, Lawquest Training Company etc.

The best way to develop communities (baring government interventions) is Social Enterprise for Social Development

The community you do business in and with expects your business to operate in an ethical manner that enhances the image of the community and its patrons as a whole. When the image of the business community and patrons are enhanced, it portends that the communities and patrons should be enhanced. And enhancing business communities and patrons includes businesses responsibilities to ensure that they at all times make decisions that would consider the promotion and enhancement of humans and their environment. Whatever you do that keeps these group’s attention must be enhancing and empowering too.

“The World Is Full Of Willing People, Some Willing Work, And Others, Willing To Let Them” – Robert Frost

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Emmy Nwachukwu