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Dedicated towards setting new standards greener and better tomorrow and challenging conventional.Socially -motivated outlook towards business approach.Initiated and managed various Project for livelihood and creating awareness about EM farming method among farmers.

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Funds to establish our self sustainable model for our Project.Once we get adequate funds we will be able to generate revenue for our project within our business model.

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Abhishek Pandey, a hospitality and catering graduate, noticed that customers were being charged exorbitant prices for organic food while interning at a famous chain of hotels.
This seemed unfair to him – why should anyone pay more for organic food? Why do the profits from the organic food industry not trickle down to the person who toils the hardest against all odds — the farmer? How can these farmers be empowered?
The day a farmer wants his son to be a farmer not out of compulsion, but by choice; we’ll know that we’ve succeeded

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Abhishek Pandey


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