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I'm a talented entrepreneur and passionate youth activist. These are two interests in which I've constantly developed myself

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I am 24 years old (born 22nd November, 1994), an indigene of Delta state, Nigeria.

My motivation springs from personal experience of the dangers which ignorance of opportunities in the Labour world brings. Although I was qualified for many jobs, I was unable to lend my talents to any because I was unaware of them and most were inaccessible to me. Thus many opportunities slipped through my fingers. I believe this to be the case of many qualified young people who are qualified for many opportunities but are unaware of them and are unable to access them. This is why I have undertaken this task.

They’ve been times before when I’ve had to engage in similar situations. Once, my passion for education drove me to volunteer for some NGOs which desired to further quality education for young people. I passionately contributed my quota to that course. I do believe I can bring the same passion to this vision.

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Emmanuel Enebeli