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Mbalenhle Nkosi


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Through the Self Help Hub (SHH) my focus is on organizing under-resourced women into small groups through a process of social mobilization, training and providing bank credit. Direct impact contributes to the economic development of under-resourced communities by assisting women who are breadwinners and dependent on the government grant to increase their income through arts and crafts. Objectives The main objective of the model is to improve the economic development of women and create an environment that facilitates their social transformation. - Art & craft skills training - Capacity development for women - Job creation through exhibition and product development - Ongoing Coaching & Mentorship - Community arts projects & the promotion of arts and culture Innovative Approach With a focus on organizing under-resourced women having homogenous social and economic background into small groups, training on income generating activities, trading, exhibiting the produced material and saving small amounts of money through the profits. The money saved contributes to the Hub fund which, members may apply for a loan to meet emergency needs on mutual help basis and pay back within two months of receipt. The fund cycle runs for 6 months and cashed at the end of the 6 months period and distributed accordingly amongst each member. Activities Training includes: - The use of recycled materials - Beading - Crocheting - Craft Making - Pottery - Permaculture - Leadership Training - Sales & Marketing - Finance Management & Budgeting - Ongoing Life Coaching & Mentorship

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