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This is an initiative that will be based at Kibera slums it will focus on rehabilitating and improving sanitary conditons at the slums.Kibera is a slum located in Nairobi,Kenya it is said to be largest urban slum and informal settlement in sub-saharan Africa,living conditions at the slum are extremely poor,harsh and profoundly unforgiving most of the residents lack access to basic services such as running water and electricity.According the UN-HABITAT the estimated population is 700,000 in a surface area of 2.38km^2.This makes the area to be congested hence toilet and latrines available to be strained averagely a latrine is shared by upto 50-500 people according to united nations development programme(UNDP).This makes it a problem that cannot be ignored I therefore want to take a pivotal role in sharing what Kibera goes through to the Kenyans and the world at a large and seek to try gather funds so to help address the issue if not solving it fully in long run I plan to this during my long holiday between NOV-2014 and APRIL-2015 as part of my community service.Help build a toilet is an initiative is a program that focusses on building communal toilets and latrines has its the main objective.However we also seek to address to other challenges concerning sanitation that the residents face in general for example collection of garbage.I also plan to hire exhauster services in order to make about 30% of the toilets back to use according to community that have become unusable this because of the number of people who use a single a toilet.I also plan to enter in partnership with the landlords inorder to be able to to acquire space for building more toilets and latrines as its going to be a challenge.

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