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A graduate of Agricultural Science (Crop Protection) with the zeal and passion for development in my field of study (Agriculture) and how this development can help reduce the rate of poverty and under-development in the country (Nigeria)and create food security in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Due to this dream, i have being an active member of various international and national agricultural associations; notable enough, I am a member of the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) and the Director of Logistics of Kogi State University Local Committee and equally I was at the 2013 Annual Directors Meeting (ADM) in Yamussoukro, Cote d’ivoire for an innovative conference and enlightenment of family farming and its importance. I am equally an active member of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students, Kogi State University Chapter.

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Enyone Atulukwu


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Enyo Agro Company

The scope of the enterprise idea does not claim supremacy in proffering solution to the food crisis in Nigeria and Africa, but it will reduce its occurrence as it takes a dive into food crops and cash crops production. Over the years, the country has drifted from agriculture into mineral exploration but this mineral exploration may not be sustainable in the future, hence the need to go back to agriculture. The objectives of the farm would include; provision of food for people by using the lowest cost of production possible and optimizing profits, it aims at job creation for both skilled and unskilled labour, and mostly the use of organic manure so as to be friendly to the environment. The farm wishes to accomplish the above mentioned objectives by basically carrying out crop production and animal husbandry. These crops are to comprise of the commonly cultivated food and cash crops with local and international markets. And the farm will be sited along one of the notable rivers in Kogi-Easr, Kogi State, Nigeria; the Ofu River. Sitting a farm close to a river sources has numerous advantages amongst which are; the practice of irrigation, using the river as a pond for fishes, the constant use of water from the river for various domestic chores on the farm ranging from washing of implements to drinking. Notable enough, this idea is to be among the privileged few farms in the state as no such irrigated farms are found in the region. With the use of irrigation, it provides the opportunity for food to be available all year round. The enterprise provides a recreational and educative excursion programs for students to come and learn some techniques and see improvements in the agricultural field.

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