July 16, 2019 08:26

Hello Yamaan,

Count on my support everyday, i know that together we can achieve good result with supporting each other and keeping a positive attitude. I like your project, as soon as it touches peace, we always want peace. i vote for you, i hope to count on you as well

Comment on: MotherCare App
July 16, 2019 08:18

Good Day Regina,

Just be sure that you have my full support everyday. Together we can go far and achieve our goal. GOD always bless Mothercare. I hope to count as well on your support.
I have voted for you.

Comment on: Crochet Hub Africa
July 16, 2019 08:13

Hello Lambisia,

Remember you will get my support on daily basis. i know the need of your project in this life and i think you can achieve. Go ahead and never give up. Together we can go far and get positive result. I have voted for you, i hope i have your support also.

Comment on: Jay's hair
July 16, 2019 08:09

Hello Jane,
Always remember that you have my support on your idea. Myself, i can move without going far, together we can move, go far and achieve good results. I have voted for you, i also think that i have your support.

Comment on: Wastebender
July 12, 2019 11:06

It is a great Idea, I would like to understand better technically how AWP works. I wish you to get this Idea implemented. But also please think to export this idea in Africa, because we need it a lot. You can check such in countries like Nigeria, Senegal,etc. Best of luck

Comment on: E-shyura
July 12, 2019 11:03

Thank you for your comment Wastebender. We are here to support each other in our Idea. Good luck too, tomorrow I will Vote for you for sure because I have already expire my quota of today.

Comment on: Eyesaver
July 12, 2019 09:54

Definitely, you will save many kids. However, are you providing those tools for free? Do you have a sponsor for this kits. But it is a great Idea, Keep it up and think about doing the same project not only in Thailand but also in other countries. I vote for you and in case you like my idea in the link below, you can also vote for me.

Comment on: Crochet Hub Africa
July 12, 2019 09:48

What a great idea... Everyone in the world like product with good quality and cheap. But it is always hard to find them. as soon as you can provide to customer, it will remain a good idea. So keep it up and I would like to buy such shoes. I vote for you, in case you like my Idea also, vote for me:

July 12, 2019 09:23

As soon as it can solve the problem of famine and health in the world, this idea is best ever. I support it and I congratulate you. Keep it up and GOD bless Permaculture. I support your idea and I vote for you. You can check my idea and if you like it, you can also vote:

Comment on: Travel for impact
July 12, 2019 09:18

This project of Travel for Impact will have a big social impact to the population. This is a great idea and I always support such idea. I encourage you and I vote for you. Check my Idea and Vote if you feel you like it: