Comment on: Girls in ICT
August 14, 2017 11:57

I am thrilled to work with Igire Rwanda Organisation to deliver quality skills to these underprivileged girls. This project is essentially transforming the lives of these girls through knowledge acquired and enabling them to pursue their careers. Best of luck @Igire

June 8, 2017 18:57

Dear Kemal,

I must say this is a great innovative idea. Fortunately, the project is already live with evident impact on the target beneficiaries. Since it is a global focus project, you need to look into to how to expand your network of stakeholders globally so as to fuel the project. Like I said, it is really a feasible and amazing project to cure the lazy thinking of youth who strive to searching for jobs, and undermine the potentials they have to create jobs for themselves --simply by transforming real world challenges into opportunities.

Please look at on the project I am launching. I will be happy to learn from your feedback in comments and voting.

Good luck!

May 26, 2017 13:47

English is a universal language. People needs speaking, listening and writing skills to enable them stand competent in the job. Especially for a country like Cote D'ivore, which is formally a french-speaking nation.