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Alexandra Nikolova


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Eventyard is a web and mobile place for independent artists and organizations to promote and share their upcoming events. It is an ultimate guide for everyone who is looking for a content that matches peoples interests and location. Having in mind the great noise on the Internet and how hard is to find local cultural events that are outside the official city guides; we have created a place of new and innovative kind. The platform is being used by indie artists, musicians and bands that would like to be easily discovered by young and actively travelling people. There is a number of smaller local clubs, bars and cultural centres that also contribute with their forthcoming shows and gigs. Our ultimate goal is to support the artists (we have also created a campaign to introduce them: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.318334381610297.75048.213179472125789&type=3) and gain them international recognition and a place to find more guests and people interested in their works. In order to match their events with people who will love them, we have created an innovative matching algorithm: having in mind users location, basic interests and events they have attended in the past, we show them streams of upcoming events that match those criteria. You can find more about who we are here: https://www.somewhere.com/eventyard

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