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I accomplished many tasks throughout my experiences. I taught English Language grades 5-11. During the time of teaching I engaged in different projects to help students understanding developed in my particular subject as well as whole subjects. Some of the tasks I performed were, preparing supplementary materials base the subject area, establishing language improvement center where students practice to develop their English language skills doing different practical activities like conversations, drama, interview, talk show beside I was making communications/relations with some NGO to get professional support by that native speakers visited my school in group and in different interval thus they motivated and encouraged students on flag ceremony and in many classrooms. During the time many more students learned at least the right pronunciations from natives while speaking. Thus, I was awarded as a model teacher at the sub-city level among teachers of more than 28 governmental schools. Other than these experiences, I involved in humanitarian activity advocating clay maker societies who are suffering being discriminated and marginalized. Currently, continuing my effort; contributing different significant contributions in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research.

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