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Seun Olanrewaju


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Banking, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Research, Information and Communication Technology.

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I am constantly looking for business capital to finance and run my business idea.

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I am a goal driven person who belives in honesty, hard, and logic. I see myself as a problem solver, and I have strong passion to learn new things. I am very enthusiastic about what I do; I love working around people, I do enjoy challenges to improve my skills. I am a person who value integrity, honesty, accountability, time, order, excellence, family, and relationship. I have strong analytical, interpretative and interpersonal skills with good computer literacy. I have gained valuable research skills (quantitative and qualitative) during my studies.
I have gained extensive experience in dealing with different organisation by working in the banking industries, accounting firm, religious organisation, and educational institutions. I aspire to become an expert in my field through hard work, lifelong learning and persistence. I see myself becoming a successful entrepreneur, innovative professional, and reputable consultant.