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Fahim Hassan


Project Overview

Polyjute: The Fiber polythene

Goal: A view to produce Eco-friendly, biodegradable, cheap and convenient packages by producing fiber polythene. Motto: Jute for green packaging. Production blueprint: Fiber polythene will be produced with polymer granules but mashed jute fibers will be inserted in the producing time making it bio-degradable. Polymer will provide elasticity and jute fiber will provide strength. D2W additives/ Maleic Anhydride will make it water resistant but degradable in water pressure. The ratio of Jute:Polymer is 1:1. Important Features of the product: 1) Combination of strength and elasticity, 2) Biodegradable fibers (jute), 3) Cheap and diverse applications of polythene packages, 4) Recyclable and reusable to some extent. 5) Water resistant but degradable on huge water pressure. Benefits: Jute will have a sustainable market of at least 20% of its production, increasing internal consumption and production of jute. Reduction of packaging cost and paper usage providing cost benefit for packaging industry and export oriented businesses. Poly-jute is low of cost and easily marketable; The process will have environment friendly production methods, raw materials, reduced green energy planning, chimney to exhale smoke higher and ETP plant.

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