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Politics, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Social Media, Philanthropy

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Writer, entrepreneur & social media activist.

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Faizul H. Ibrahim

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VoMo will be South East Asias first ever volunteer network. The objective of VoMo, a social media platform, is to connect, inspire, and empower people, social organisations, and ethical businesses alike to create change in their own ways. VoMo is all about being social and encouraging creative and engaging conversations with businesses, social movements, and organisations over the social media sphere. Imagine an individual being able to make change in his or her unique and special way. But at the same time, this individual is able to connect with communities who share the same advocacy, passion, and commitment, all through his or her fingertips. Say, an environmentalist connecting with a community of environmentalists or a educator connecting with educators alike, and so on and so forth. And say, an individual wants to connect with different communities, he or she is free to do so. Imagine a wide (and free!) database of NGOs and NPOs with diverse social and environmental causes from all around South East Asia for you to join, collaborate with, potentially get funds for from businesses. Imagine a space to feel positive vibes every day and receive inspirations from people who are making a difference. You can find all these under one social media platform: VoMo. Helping to make doing good easier, more effective, and more fun.

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