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Public Speaking, Marketing, Youth Development and Enterprise Solution Trainer

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Investment financing and Collaborations.

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• South African Ideas festival Speaker
• Enterprise Festival South Africa Judge
• Anzisha Youth Enterprise Support Unit Panel presenter.

• Anzisha top 12 young African Entrepreneurs under 23 finalist.
• Africa Engineering Week Best Youth Presentation.
• Zimbabwe Schools Quiz Provincial Finalist.
• Most Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award Marist Brothers.
• Business Studies of the year Marist Brothers.
• Outstanding I.T award Marist Brothers.


• Junior Achievement School National Company of the year (as Chief Executive Officer).
• Best National Junior Achievement Company of the year.
• Best Student in Business Studies Marist Brothers.
• UNICEF Provincial Debates on Climate Change student coordinator.
• Eutelsat young entrepreneur DSTV.
• Best District Conservation President.
• National Zimbabwe Quiz finalist.


• Solon foundation Leadership award.
• Provincial Junior Achievement Company of the Year (as Vice Finance Director).
• District Child Aids Activist for the Year.

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