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Farhan Mohsin


Project Overview

improvement of health and education level in pakistan

summary of my idea is that while improving education system in pakistan we can improve health at the basic grass root level .for this purpose we will conduct different approaches and activities among the general public as we all know that in pakistan out of 200 million population,10 million of population is illiterate and 30 percent of population is living in extreme educational poverty so this situation is alarming in pakistan so first we will have to consider educcation as our main goal .if people are educated then health facilities will improve and people will have awareness about their health structure as you all know that polio virus is spreading in pakistan and this is international alarming for the world as all the countries have eradicated polio but its still prevailing in pakistan so will have to take necessary steps for polio virus eradication and other health problems like dengue virus,measles etc we have to introduce strong education system for all these to handle.we will have to move in villages and outreach areas where education is basic need we have to establish base camps for their education and provide education at their home place instead of going into distant areas . we will have to provide employment to such a family which is deserving so that they can send their child in school instead of child labor .we will have to eradicate the children doing work in different places to earn honesty and likelihood for their families . establish base camps in every village for children s education and then the base camp report to subcamp in every tehsil and then each tehsil reports to every division so that network can be establish for the education

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