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faleri gikahu


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The Digital Organic Gardens

This projects aims at establishing organic vegetable gardens using compost and gunny bags in urban residential settings. Many people living in these areas are too busy to set a small garden and also the space for such is limited.Secondly they buy their vegetables from open air markets oblivious of the dangers they expose themselves into.The fresh looking greens might have been grown from water contaminated with industrial wastes and sewerage. Strong metals such as chromium,mercury and lead will find their way through the food chain causing a health calamity. Therefore these gardens will save the people from such related predicaments.The project will use locally recyclable materials hence reducing production costs. The youths who are mainly jobless will be involved in making of these gardens hence promoting community development. Gunny bags will be used to grow the crops. One of them will be able to hold up to 60 plants depending on the plant type. Much emphasis will be put into indigenous vegetables such as blacknightshade and spider herb for their high levels of nutrients. Others like kales,spinach and tomatoes will also be involved. The main essence of the project is to improve health of consumers,environmental conservation and youth employment.

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