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faryal muneer


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I have the ability to work in a team as a leader by leading the group members have the ability to work on creative and an innoovative ideas with the help of brain storming sessions where people or participants are encouraged to share their ideas freely .

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I am looking forward to someone funding my project or idea as it requires a heavy investment.

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Hello friends.Myself is Faryal Muneer Ansari .I am a 20 year old student ,have been styding BS in commerce (4 years degree program) from university of Karachi(Department of commerce).I am in third year of my current progress and have been recently done a project in entrepreneurship named “solar mobile cover charger”under the guidance of mam kinza nisar. So,through this project which were a team work I have capable to end up more projects like that and also have further ideas which in Sha Allah will be selected for the competition ,the one of mine idea among all that I am gonna share is “ONLINE APPAREL TAILORING”.